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Top 24 Summer Flowers in India and Care

Though the summer heat wave is quite challenging, for sure Summer flowers in India never stops to mesmerize us with the vibrancy.  Big trees like Palash with bright orange -red flowers, gulmohar to amaltas, trumpet trees paint the sky with radiance .

Summer is also the season of Garden flowers.  Few are annual ones that grow all year round and also few flowers bloom specifically in summer.

With the inputs from Tarun Shukla from Shahjahanpur, India here we explore the beautiful summer flowering plants in India with a few care tips so that they keep flowering and keep your garden radiant.


Marigold varieties are basically annual flowers. Can not say this is specific summer flowers in India but surely till April it blooms at most of the locations in India.
Marigold can be called Summer Flower in India too as this keep blooming till mid Summer in India

Merigold  is available in multiple shades of yellow , dark yellow to orange colour does not stop adding vibrance and fragrance. Growing marigold is easy from seeds or cutting. Height of Marigold is close to 30-40 cm.

This can be planted in 6 cm planters, or if planted in land, it is good to plant them 6 inches apart from one another.To sprout the marigold plants, it takes near 8-10 days. It takes minimum eight weeks to start flowering. When the plant is 6 to 8 inch in height , for next 3-4 weeks we should do pinching and make them little bushy. 

Balsam or Gulmehendi 

This is an annual plant and among easy to grow Summer Flowers in India. Looks beautiful in dark and light colours like red, purple, light pink , mauve etc. Balsam can be grown in small pots of land provided it gets enough sunlight. This balsam looks super bright in single petal and multi petals. It has soft stem and 20 to 75 cm in height.

Gulmehendi , dopati phul or Balsam is easy to grow in Summer

Leaves are spirally aligned, Flowers of balsam are 2.5 to 5 cm radius. So it is good for summer and winter too. Balsam seeds take 7-10 days to sprout and flowering starts after 6 to 8 weeks



Cosmos flower is also known as mexican aster or cut leaf cosmos. This is also an annual plant which blooms well and an amazing choice as Summer Flowers in India Cosmos flowers are available in golden yellow, yellow, white, pink, red, chocolate brown etc. This can be 1-6 ft in height and take space of 1 to 3 ft

Cosmos grows well in Summer in India till March April

Cosmos in fact can be grown twice a year. If planted in February – March by April to May flowers start blooming. If planted in june- july, flowers start blooming during August to October. The seeds take 7-8 days to grow and at least takes 8 weeks time to start blooming

Please take care as cosmos is quite sensitive plant and often dies during transplanting from seed tray to the planter. It is suggested to put the seeds directly to the planter. Sow 3-4 seeds , whichever survives well, keep that plant and remove the other saplings



Jinia is easy to grow flowers in Summer. Seeds can be grown during the end of February – March. Else can be sown in May also. This grows for a long time in the borders of the garden or planter. Jinia comes in multiple colours – white, rust orange, maroon, copper red , yellow etc. Petal can be single, double, semi double.

This amazing bright flower grows well with both cuttings and seeds. Basically this is annual flowering plant which can be well grown in summer. This can be as tall as 90 cm



Aster flowers bloom from summer to end of rainy season. Blooms well in summer in medium temperature. Approximately height is 1 ft to 4 ft. It is advised to plant it in a planter of 8 – 10 inch. 

Aster flower though is not basically Summer Flower stil it grows till mid summer

Sow the seeds in January to February in India. Seeds germinate within 8 – 10 days. Flowering starts during rain. White, yellow, blue, purple flowers are treat for eyes.

This needs minimum 4-5 hrs of sunlight preferably kept in shaded area



Verbena is mid temperature plant which needs 10 degree to 35 degree temperature. Verbena is a good choice as  Summer Flowers in India. Blue, red, purple colour verbena flower is a bushy plant. After germination , it takes 80 to 100 days for flowering. Flowering time is spring.
Radiant colour Summer Flower in India
This needs 6 to 8 hrs sunlight. This does not need lot of fertilisers. Water soluble bio fertilisers are best for these flowers. Stay away from high dose of Nitrogen. Phosphorous rich organic fertilisers are good. Mustard cakes and potash can be given



Carnation is an annual flowering plant. If we talk about Summer Flowers in India we must consider Carnation. Available in amazing colours is a low height cute flowering plant to be kept in sun. Sowing time is best during Vasant( Spring) February – March or sharad – September to March. This is suggested to make seedlings during winter and post winter plants outside or some planter. 

Easy to grow annual and Summer Flower in India

Height of the plant is 1-2 ft and 2-3 ft width. Before watering, check the upper soil – if it is dry then water. During summer and blooming time, you might need to water twice. If you look for a lot of flowering, a carnation summer growing flowering plant needs a minimum six hours of direct sunlight. Though they need sunlight but save them from heatwave



This is a very attractive and favourite of many as Summer Flowers in India. Though this is easy to grow, the weather conditions are very important. It needs heavy feeds.
Sunflower Summer Flower in India
Height of the plant may go upto 1 to 1.5 meter. After sowing seeds, it may take eight to 10 weeks to flower. It can be grown in balconies which get sunlight. Plant it in 12-18 inch gardening pots. Seeds sprout in 17-18 days , when the saplings are grown then can be planted in bigger pots. If the plant grows over 3 ft then support should be given. Use bamboo sticks and ropes to support the plant.

Single stem sunflower variety gives one flower per stem. If you wish to grow sunflower in summer every 10 -14 days you need to plant the sapling again. 
Fertiliser with nitrogen liquid fertiliser gives shine to the flower and you should use fertilisers with phosphorous. Remember, not to over feed the plant as the stem might break. You can use vermicompost , Neem cake, rock phosphate and mustard cake according to the basic rules of using organic fertilisers



Gerbera is annual flowering plant which is one of the Summer Flowers in India. Gerbera  is without stem grown all over the world. It is known as African Daisy or transwal daisy. Should be sown during september to October and February to March. If you already have this plant, by root division method you can grow this plant

Beautiful coloured Gerbera Summer Flower

It takes about 3 month to flower after you sow the plant. 20-25 cm container size is good for gerbera. 70% cow dung fertiliser, vermicompost and some cocopeat along with garden soil is good for this plant. 200gm nitrogen, 100mg phosphorous 300 mg potash added in 1 litre water can be used to get more flowers. This plant should be kept at open space where there is enough air. Cut the dead flowers regularly.


Often referred as Temple Tree in India – frangipani or plumeria is available in different colours. Start of summer to the beginning of winter the flowers keep blooming. Amazing and Divine fragrance that will mesmerise when the wind blows.

This is grown from cuttings during monsoon and spring. Growing from seeds is a little test of patience as this takes a long time like many weeks. This looks superb as Summer Flowers in India

Aromatic Plumeria Summer Flower in India
It grows in well drained soil, not suggested to plant in garden planters. Soil and perlite works best for them. Manage watering according to your climate, over watering might rot the roots. This loves complete sunlight, at least 6 – 8 hours of sun 



Vinca , periwinkle, Malati Phul, Sada bahaar, there are so many names we call it. May be under rated Summer Flower in India as this is very easy to grow. The less you care about the plant, the more it flowers. Just keep in Sunlight and water sometimes. Pruning gives more flowers.

Vinca Malati Sadabahar Summer Flower in India
Unless your climate is too cold, which is less than 10 degree Celcius, Sada Bahaar is a superb flowering plant in summer and infact year long. In Desi variety sadabahaar comes in White, PInk, Purple and these days in hybrid variety amazon colours are available in dark pink, orange, red, magenta that will make your garden look radiant. Grows well in sandy and loamy soil. Height about 1.5 ft needs sunlight of 3-4 hours for best flowering. Non Nagging summer flowering plant, just prune them once a while and water. Not much fertiliser needed. 



Salvia is an annual and perennial flowering plant that grows in the form of bushes.February-March is the best month for planting Salvia seeds if you wish to grow them in Summer during April.
Salvia grows also during November – December. Some major varieties of Salvia flower plant are as follows:

Salvia Flower in Summer
Salvia Blaze of Fire Seed
Salvia Splendens Saint John Fire Seed

It is grown from seeds or cuttings. Does not tolerate much heat. Water more frequently but do not over-water.



Portulaca or Purslane is a very attractive and beautiful flowering plant. Very easy to grow which can withstand high temperature and is gardeners choice as  Summer Flowers in India.

Easy growing Summer plant Portulaca
It is also called Mexican Rose, Moss Rose or Nine Bells.The native single petal layer is red in color but the hybrid comes in very attractive colors and multi petal layer.Requires less water and is draft tolerant. Grows very easily from seeds and cuttings.Their seeds should be planted indoors in early summer (February to March), so that by the time summer arrives, these plants mature well so that they flower well during summer.It is better to plant in sandy loam soil.


Who does not like Petunia. Petunia is a plant with beautiful and fragrant flowers, which can be easily planted in any season throughout the year.Different varieties of petunia flowers are available which are blue, yellow, purple, red, white, orange and multicolored.If you are growing petunia from seeds, you should sow the seeds indoors during early spring or late winter.You can also grow petunia seeds outdoors in early summer.

Multiple Colour Petunia Summer and annual flower
It has many varieties. Multiflora Petunia is a beautiful plant with small flowers, its plant produces a large number of flowers.Milleflora petunia plant is very small, it produces large number of small flowers. Wave petunia is a fast growing plant and its bright beautiful flowers are very attractive.

You can easily plant wave petunia in a hanging basket or pot. Sprinkle petunia seeds in the soil of the pot.

Do not bury the seeds in the soil, because petunia seeds need sunlight to germinate, if you cover the seeds with soil the seeds will not be able to germinate.



Nasturtium is an ornamental flower plant, one of the Summer Flowers in India which is grown for its beautiful and fragrant.It is red, orange, pink, yellow, white in colour. Some varieties of this flower plant are vining and some are bushy, hence you will have to choose some dwarf varieties to plant at home, which can be easily planted in a pot.Nasturtium or flower seeds can be planted directly in pots between February and May.

Nasturtium Summer Flower in India

If you want to see nasturtium blooms in the spring, you can start the seeds indoors in seedling trays about 2 to 4 weeks before the last frost and repot later.But the roots are very delicate and if not replanted properly then it is not possible to grow. Seeds grow in 7-14 days. The flowers keep blooming till the onset of cold.



Hydrangeas, a popular choice among summer flowers in India, mainly bloom in shades of blue, pink, and white. However, the coloring may depend on the type of soil you have – some hydrangeas produce blue flowers on acid soils and pink on alkaline soils. It is a perennial plant that can be propagated by seeds and cuttings.

Germination takes place in 14 days and when grown from seeds, flowering takes up to 14 months but from cuttings, it takes 4-8 weeks.Its seeds are sown in February-March and September to December. Protect from direct afternoon sunlight.



Gomphrena, also known as globe amaranth, is an annual flowering plant, which bears globe-shaped, roundish purple, red, orange, white, magenta, pink flowers at the upper end of its stem.

Summer Flowering plant in India

Seed planting time – between March and July

Method of growing plants – by seeds, by cuttings

Seed germination time – 7-14 days

Sunlight requirement for the plant – 6 to 8 hours of sunlight

Once blooming the flowers last for a long time.


One of the popular summer flowers in India, Gerenium is very easy to grow in home garden or in indoor pot. This flower plant can grow to a height of about 6 inches to 3 feet and can spread up to 2 feet.You can also plant it in containers, pots or hanging pots. Its flowers are white, pink, purple or blue.Geranium plant is easy to plant by both seed or cutting method.

Summer Flower in India
Best time to plant – Early spring (January- February)
Seed germination time – approximately 7-21 days at appropriate temperature.
Put seeds on the soil, press it lightly and spray water. Plant the cuttings after growing their roots in water. Bloom time – During early summer and fall



There are many varieties of Gaillardia on which beautiful flowers bloom in a mixture of yellow, orange, red and maroon colors. This is a perennial plant if protected in winter.It is very easy to plant Gaillardia flower plants from seeds in home garden pots because these plants do not require much care.

Easy Summer Flower in India

The best time to plant Gaillardia flower seeds is spring (February-March). Plant Gaillardia seeds in soil, you can plant 3 seeds together in a small pot, so that weak seedlings can be removed after germination.

It may take about 8-20 days for the seeds to germinate. Gaillardia flowering plants are drought tolerant plants, due to which they do not require frequent watering.During spring and summer, when the plants start blooming, Gaillardia plants should be watered regularly and in winter you can reduce watering the plants.



Dahlias, vibrant summer flowers in India, are celebrated for their striking diversity in color, shape, and size. Blooming from mid-summer through autumn, they love well-drained soil and full sunlight. Dahlias require regular watering and occasional feeding, flourishing in the warm Indian climate, and adding a burst of color to summer landscapes.
Beautiful Summer Flowers in India
There are 3 ways to plant dahlia flower plant in pot in home garden:

From tubers: Plant the tubers at a depth of 2-3 inches in the soil with the sprouting tip or eyes facing up and cover with moist soil. Keep in mind that the top of the tuber should not be deeper than 1-2 inches in the soil. After planting the tubers, maintain moisture in the soil and avoid watering immediately.

From seed: Dahlia seeds can take 5 to 20 days to germinate.

From stem cuttings: Cut a 3-inch stem from a healthy, strong dahlia plant. Insert about half of the cutting into the soil in the pot and keep it in bright light. The cutting may take 3-4 weeks to develop roots. Therefore, be patient and maintain soil moisture and do not over-water.

Seeds should be sown from late February to April.


Daisies, cheerful summer flowers in India, are known for their simple yet charming white petals surrounding a yellow center. Blooming from early summer to late autumn, they thrive in full sunlight and well-drained soil. These hardy flowers are easy to grow, requiring minimal care, and are perfect for adding a touch of brightness to gardens and landscapes.

Summer Flowers
Their resilience and prolonged blooming period make daisies a popular choice for Indian summer gardens. Daisy also known as Gulbahar. It is available in white, pink, yellow and purple colours.It can be planted by seeds in September – November and February – April. The seed germinates in 7-21 days. Flowers bloom 60–70 days later in cool spring and summer. Do watering when the soil dries.

In extreme heat, keep it inside a green net and in extreme cold, keep it inside the house.

Day Lily

Day lily flowers come in a variety of colors including yellow, orange, red, pink, purple and white. Some daylily flowers may also have a mixture of two or three colors.

Good Summer Flower in India

Day lily is not actually a plant of the lily family, but the structure of the flowers is like that of a lily and because it blooms for just one day, it is called a day lily. Daylilies bloom in India during the summer months, from April to August.However, in cooler regions, such as the Himalayas, daylilies may also bloom in late summer or early autumn.
Daylilies can be grown from seed or division. Plants grown from seeds may take two to three years to bloom. Plants grown by division may bloom in the first year. Once it is in your garden, you can grow it by division.



One of the prettiest Summer flowers in India. Bougainvillea is a nature lovers delight that needs least care. The plant literally lifts upu your mood with vibrant colours and available at all parts of India. Bouganvilleas are perennial vine-like shrub that bloom mainly in summer or throughout the year. Most varieties grow as a vine 20 to 30 feet tall. The actual flowers are small white in number, three in number, mounted on a colorful bracket, giving a flower-like effect. These are red, purple, dark pink, light pink, yellow, orange and white in colour.

Ideal Summer Flower in India

Its plant is planted by seeds, cuttings and layering. Most easily planted from cuttings in spring to early summer. It is draft tolerant. It becomes leafless for some time in winter. The pot should be taller than 15 inches. Grafte multicolor is also prepared.



When we talk about Summer flowers in India Hibiscus with its multiple colours is definitely a show-stopper. Hibiscus plant is a plant of hot and humid climate, in which flowers bloom in the summer season.

If you want to grow this plant in a pot or garden soil at your home, then plant it at a place where it can get adequate sunlight and open air, because the plant requires full sunlight for growth and flowering. it occurs.It is easy to grow it from cuttings. Its cuttings should be planted in February, March or July-August. Native hardy hibiscus is a large shrub with dark maroon and white flowers.

These can be single petal or double. Whereas the bush of hybrid hibiscus is small and the flowers are of large size and attractive in red, yellow, orange, purple and mixed colors. Hybrids require relatively more care.
Hibiscus is a high feeder. The risk of mealybugs and aphids is high, hence spraying of Neem oil every fifteen days is beneficial.

Conclusion : 
Summer flower in India it can not be generic. is going too long for these few years. As a gardener we must take care of our plants accordingly during summer. Not every flower blooms every where through out Summer season but till April- May most of the above Flowers bloom. We must not try all of the flowers at once and perfect few of them according to the demand of that summer flower in India

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