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Colourful Caladiums

There are beautiful caladiums which grows in moisten soil. Very easy to grow in specific weather condition. Caladiums looks great as hanging plant, landscape gardening, container gardening, balcony Garden and what not.

Moisture loving plant.
Loves shade
Less care
Best at 20-25 degrees
Not Pet friendly *

Caladiums are available in fabulous colour schemes and varieties.

  • Caladium bicolor
  • Caladium Red Flash
  • Caladium White Queen
  • Caladium Florida Moonlight
  • Caladium Fiesta
  • Caladium Candidum
  • Caladium Strawberry Star
  • Caladium Miss Muffet
  • Caladium Rose Bud

Propagation of Caladium

Caladium tubers rarely die. So saving the tubers is good option. Caladium propagation is easy from tubers. For propagating Caladiums, you have to keep tubers from the previous seasons but don’t keep them too long.

Choose only tubers of three or four years to have plants with bright colors.

Also, you have to choose large tubers that have more buds for good production.

Caladiums are moisture loving plant. So please do not try even in dry areas. Not all plants are for all seasons and all climates, right ?

Make sure to keep the soil always moist, but without exaggeration, because tubers can rot quickly.

Caladiums Care

Caladiams are quite a delicate plant. They need a little sun only then the colours of leaves turn bright. Too much shade is also not good. Leaves look dull.

Caladiums need good humidity to survive. They also suffer and can be damaged in extensive cold conditions.


Caladium is a plant basically loving shade but 1-2 hour sun brings out the best colours. Avoid the direct sun during the hottest hours because it can burn the leaves. Can keep in balcony, for keeping indoor, keep them sometimes in 10 days at balcony or so.


Caladiums LOVES water. Water frequently and thoroughly. Sprinkle ware, mist them with water if you stay at little dry area. Keep the soil evenly moist to touch but not saturated. Mulch soil with dry leaves etc to help them reduce evaporation of water


Caladium likes well-drained moist soil, rich in humus, moist but never soggy (to avoid plant rot).

Temperature and humidity

A constant temperature between 20 and 25 ° C is preferable. Avoid dry air, which adversely affects the foliage, which will then tend to curl up.


Have not used so many fertilizers, may use liquid fertilizer. Gardening Ideas always insist to use organic and natural fertilizers , compost and manures.

Pests and diseases

Caladium can be attacked by common parasites including aphids, red spiders, cochineals and soil flies.


The whole plant is poisonous, handle it with gloves. Also, ingesting it can cause burns, allergies or suffocation.