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Practical Tips for Monsoon Gardening

Monsoon or rainy season is a blessing to mankind and same for plants. Unless it is heavily raining for long time, rain is just bliss for gardeners. The most natural way to make plants nourished and soils get the slightly acidic water along with small amounts of nitrogen in the form of nitrogen gas (N2), ammonium (NH4)

But few things we gardeners must take care of during monsoon.

Save plants from direct water

My personal tip is to remove the tender and small plants somewhere to a safe place, under some shade or so. During rain lot of big plants branches fall and smashes small pots. Also consistent rain breaks the stem of weak stems. So, plants like portulaca, rainlilies etc should be moved under a shade

Save the Soil

Rain water washes away soil, you can not control the full, Never Ever try to cover the soil as rain water is a bliss for soils. Just keep the soil enough porous so that the rain water goes through the soil and comes out from pot nicely, does NOT clog

Drainage in Garden

If you are gardening other than container garden, make sure the garden space is having nice water drainage system. You can opt raise bed places at your garden where you save your soil with a small fencing, or keep a tyre around it.

Deter Slugs and Snails

Wet weather encourages pests such as slugs and snails. Whilst you can use chemical pesticides, Gardening Ideas and More always insist more humane and organic ways of deterring slugs and snails. Sprinkling sand, coffee grounds or sawdust onto your beds directly after a shower can sometimes out off these pests from reaching your plants.

Have you heard beer traps ? Well I am not going to explain that here.