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Meet Bakul Oza, who fought sadness & depression and healed through gardening

sdh Who does not know Stress is bad, gardening helps healing and gardening is great for mental health.
Meet this person whose story can stir you from inside and your head will bow with respect and will feel to spread garden love to all our seniors, parents and even busy professionals.
Mr Bakul Oza fought challenges of life with courage and adopted gardening as the pleasure of life. Gardening act as healer to lonely minds and keep occupied, keeps us close to nature ..

This is exactly taken from his post from our facebook community Gardening Ideas and More (India) . Let us know your feelings in comment box.

How life was difficult

“ I live in Ahmedabad.When I look back, life was tough. But I had no choice either.
My wife was in COMA for 7 long years when my only son was a kid. We could not do anything and she passed away.
I was terribly shocked and depression took charge of me. My son was only 10 at that time.
I tried my best to give him the best I can do.

And today, he is a matured. Studied very well and at present serving in best software company of USA.

Thoughout I was very lonely and depression was killing me ”


How Started Gardening

“My son and friends advised me that as I have done Masters in Zoology engage yourself in gardening and fish aquarium my old hobbies. I was convinced and started gardening using my skills.

I have not spent a single rupees on plants and fertilizers. Only I have to buy pots. Also bought big aquarium.And the journey begin with lots of plants, their care, I smile, talk, care them all day.

Now again I am enjoying my life. Thanks to my Son and friends.

Why I have written my story only because it may help from overcoming from depression.”

His words are enough to inspire and think twice and embrace gardening. We need not be an expert in gardening, sprouting is natural, breeze is natural, water is natural, just we need to follow nature. Have patience, look at the leaves, and feel how precious our lives are.

Mr Bakul Oza has shown us Silver age is not a limiting thing to enjoy life fullest. He faught sadness and depression through gardening. He remains busy with plants, love plants, talks with, discovers new things in and around plants, flower and regularly helps others to make a garden to overcome stress and stay out of depression.
He thanked us for our love and I am sure lot of us go through personal losses and stressful moments of life – he inspires us to find love in flowers, leaves, rain and our own mind. Gardening is truly not only grammar its a lifestyle.
He thanks us –
“Thank you, everyone, for your response to my post by liking it and writing kind words for me and my son. My son also wants to Thank you all. When his mother left us he believes that I am his mother first than his father. My son is my World.

I am not an expert but I have huge experience of gardening. Anyone can ask me through messenger.

Whatever I know I will definitely guide you.
Thanks again ”
write to plantohlics@gmail.com